Thank you! And what's next...

One final brief note on the campaign to say THANK YOU for placing your trust in me to continue leading our town forward. I am honored and humbled that you chose to put your support behind what my campaign stood for - a more equitable, accessible, and sustainable Chapel Hill. I also want to congratulate Pam, Paris, Camille, and Adam, and thank all the candidates for their hard work and commitment to the community.

What’s next?

I had so many meaningful, thoughtful, challenging conversations with residents about the state of the community over the last six months. I would really like to keep those going, even though the campaign has ended. One thing I heard over and over is that residents don’t always feel like they know what’s happening with the Town and find it challenging to access information and updates. So, first, I’ll put in a plug for the Town’s Chapel Hill eNews - you can sign up here to receive a variety of updates. It’s a great source for information on Town news, events, services, meetings, and more!

I have also decided to keep this newsletter going as a way to share information on key topics and issues before the Council. I hope it will be a way for us to stay in touch and keep lines of communication open. I plan to share both facts and opinions - and commit to always being clear about which are which. Feel free to suggest topics or send in questions you’d like addressed. As a teaser, my next post will be about a topic coming before the Council this week - the Greene Tract.

Along with Council service, I also have a full-time job and kids at home, so posts will not be terribly frequent, but of course, feel free to unsubscribe at any time via the link at the bottom of the email. Thank you again and please stay in touch!